Why should I have critical illness cover?

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Leyla's Story

I’d never been the sort of person to worry about being ill. I enjoy the odd glass of wine at the end of a busy day, but I also eat healthily and go running three times a week.

We’d just bought our first flat, and moving was a hectic time. I suppose preparing for court appearances can be stressful, and I do work long hours, but no matter what, having a heart attack is an awful shock.

Literally everything stopped. I’m really grateful for how quickly the medical team arrived and how well trained they were. Unsurprisingly, after the heart attack, the doctor ordered a prolonged period of rest and recovery.

Well, what about work? I had to stay off for several months, non-negotiable.  My husband’s salary alone wouldn’t cover the bills for more than a few weeks. How would we pay for the new mortgage we’d just taken on, not to mention the bills?  

It was just as well our financial adviser had told us about critical illness cover. The insurer paid out straightaway and it meant we could pay the mortgage and keep the home we’d been so proud to move into. I was able to take the time off work I needed to, and come back slowly rather than rush in before I was ready.

"You really never know when the unexpected could happen."

Now I’m back at work, we’re all more focused on work-life balance…and all my colleagues have taken out cover too. You really never know when the unexpected could happen.

Leyla | 42 years old | Solicitor

186 women in the UK go to hospital following a heart attack every day*

Coronary heart disease kills more than twice as many women as breast  cancer every year*

To find the best way to protect your finances, talk to your financial adviser today.

*Source: British Heart Foundation, September 2018


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